Actual miles walked to date: 101

Documenting mywalk from Mexico to Utah on the Arizona Trail

Windwalker Adventures

motivated by boredom

This site will chronicle my journey along the Arizona Trail. It's an 800 mile hiking trail that goes from Mexico to Utah through some of the most amazing wilderness that Arizona has to offer.  I officially started the journey on March 15th 2014 at the Mexico border. My original goal was to do 100 mile segments without re-supply, but that proved to be a bit more than I could handle traveling with a dog. 50 should be more reasonable. There is very little water on this trail which means I have to carry enough for both of us. Water is freaking heavy! My first trip was a great learning experience and I'm eager to get back on the trail and hike it all.

By day I'm a computer engineer for the worlds largest distributor of electronic components. I'm also witty and a good dancer. ~ Jim